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THTGROUP and the Truckers Health Team are committed to helping the nation’s truckers live healthier lives.

THTGROUP owns and operates a growing network of medical clinics operating under the name of Truckers Health Team in partnership with Pilot Flying J, the largest truck stop company in the country with over 700 locations. THTGROUP’s unique approach to meeting the medical needs of truckers addresses one of today’s Critical Challenges facing the Trucking Industry.

The nation’s trucking companies and truck drivers face unique healthcare challenges and both find it difficult to meet those needs in a cost effective and efficient way.

The trucking industry loses over $400 Million in driver productivity per year as drivers spend an additional 4-6 hours off the road each timethey need medical services because they lack convenient access to medical services especially when they need to manage chronic health conditions.

The first challenge a driver faces is finding a secure place to park their truck reasonably close to where traditional medical resources are located.

Truckers Health Team facilities solve that problem. Drivers can now park, fuel and take care of personal needs including addressing their medical needs with a single stop at a convenient Pilot Flying J truck stop which are located along major interstate highways. This allows the truckers to get the medical care they need and get back on the road quickly, saving hours of downtime because typically drivers had to park at a truck stop, take a taxi or ride share to a local clinic, wait to receive needed services and then take a taxi or rideshare back to the truck stop.

THTGROUP’s array of medical services are focused on the unique needs of truckers and designed to fit in their lifestyle including:

  • Mandatory DOT Physicals.
  • Random drug screen services
  • Personalized care plans for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol.
  • Primary care services
  • Preventive care services
  • Work-related injury services, including soft tissue, muscle pain and wound care to help companies minimize their workers compensation liability.

A key part of the clinic’s focus is helping the driver efficiently comply with the Federally mandated Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical that must be taken at least once a year in order to be certified to receive their Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Many drivers with chronic conditions may have trouble passing this physical or if they pass, they may be faced with a significantly limited renewal time before they have to re-take the physical because of inadequately managed chronic conditions, in some cases as little as three months.

Over 50% of drivers are trying to manage one or more serious medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity and/or high cholesterol. THTGROUP’s Truckers Health Team has developed unique programs for the management of these conditions and these programs recognize and accommodate the unique challenges of truckers and the reality of their lifestyles.

Another challenge faced by truckers is the access to good health insurance and many of those who do have insurance are faced with high deductibles, co-pays and significant premiums. Many times these policies require $10,000 be spent out of pocket before the insurance benefits start. These “catastrophic” health insurance policies do not cover the ongoing management of pre-existing conditions experienced by drivers.

The combination of no health insurance or high cost, limited benefit insurance leaves many truckers with few alternatives to effectively manage their health.

The result is that drivers who can’t successfully manage their chronic condition(s) are a major contributor to the high turnover rate that trucking companies face with some turnover rates upwards of 100%. Drivers with pre-existing chronic conditions who don’t receive regular medical treatment for their conditions find that those conditions eventually worsen leading them to leave the trucking industry because they cannot pass the DOT Physical. This causes a major impact of trucking companies because average recruiting cost is $7,000 per driver.

Drivers know that regular maintenance on their trucks (engine checks, tire changes, oil changes) prevents expensive breakdowns and they know the same thing is true for them, but many don’t have a cost effective, convenient way to get that “Preventative Maintenance”.

The Truckers Health Team is committed to helping drivers solve these problems. The clinics are conveniently located so drivers can do regular follow-up visits and when they’re on the road they can easily access our TeleHealth services so they can stay on track with their health needs.

THTGROUP and their Truckers Health Team are committed to helping the nation’s truckers live healthier lives.